Live Stream – Wedding

The bride and groom approached me to do this Facebook live stream of their wedding ceremony, as the groom lives 8000+ miles away and many of his family and friends were unable to attend in person. They wanted a unique perspective of the event, so I set up from the choir loft. I was able to hide mostly behind a short wall, making myself barely visible from the church seating. Many of the attendees did not even notice the cameras. A few, however, tuned into the live stream on their phones so that they could see the bride and groom’s faces.

Interesting parts: 0:22:05 (Bride’s entrance), 0:25:30 (pretty shot), 1:03:15 (the kiss)

There were a few hiccups, including a camera battery dying (0:39:10), but for the most part the stream went very well. One issue was that the audio was fairly limited, though most of what you can’t hear in the live stream was difficult for the actual attendees to hear as well. Still, this could have been improved by giving a lav to the minister.