Believer – Imagine Dragons


As a participant in Adobe’s “Make the Cut” video contest, I was given exclusive raw footage from the music video shoot for Believer by Imagine Dragons.

I created this short form 1 minute version of their music video. My original opening was created in After Effects using individual shots of the band to form the shape of their album logo, seen also in other places in the video. The remainder of the cut was created using both Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

My goals in this edit were to remain true to the director’s vision while telling a story in a unique, fast-paced way.

Nuts For You – Trailer

Created for an introductory video and effects class, this mock trailer was a lot of fun to work on. In addition to playing Chester the squirrel, I was responsible for all editing and post-production work in this project. Ethan Elkins primarily wrote and shot the trailer, and Liza Kochan created the portrait shown at 0:20, as well as stills for all of the titles.

[Title] – Short

A collaborative student short created freshman year in college. I was responsible for shooting and editing everything except the cutaway scenes from 0:290:53 and 1:181:50, which were created primarily by Liza Kochan and Ethan Elkins, respectively. Continuity issues were hidden while keeping the sequence moving at a fast pace.

Making Waves With Math


Music is awesome. But did you know it’s also mathematical? This video explains the math behind music in a fun, concise way.

I teamed up with my friend Ethan Thompson in this video, who co-wrote and developed the concept. I was responsible for shooting, producing, editing, and creating visual animations for this project.
This entry tied for 2nd place in Math-O-Vision 2015, put on by Dartmouth College.